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The Save Muslim Heritage (SMH) campaign initiated after the destruction and attempted exhumation of the grave of the revered companion of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) – Hujr bin Adi in Damascus, Syria in May 2013. While Muslims had previously watched helplessly as Islamic heritage or heritage housed in Muslim countries were being destroyed, such as the Buddha statues dating back centuries destroyed in Afghanistan as well as saints revered by Sufis had their shrines destroyed in Timbuktu, the destruction in Syria was a level beyond acceptable and was imminently received with utmost sadness and dismay.

SMH is a grass roots level campaign promoting a united stance by the Muslim population of their disapproval at the continued heritage destruction taking place particularly in Saudi Arabia but also increasingly trending around the Middle East region. Regardless of expansion and modernity, heritage and shrines must be preserved at all cost and not deliberately destroyed or attacked.

SMH have created a structured plan to actively oppose the continued destruction currently taking place. Utilising varying methods, SMH are encouraging participation from any person who wish to get involved to help stop heritage destruction. Whether it is simply to sign and share the E-Petition, or raise awareness to your local leaders within your own communities, or take the SMH petition letter to your local MP, there is something we can all do to ensure our heritage is preserved.

Please feel free to browse our website, which we hope shall impart valuable information to you about the SMH campaign, our aims and objectives as well as information about how you can get involved at a local level and raise awareness.

SMH Updates

Want to know what Save Muslim Heritage (SMH) has been doing in between producing media and organising national conferences as well as upcoming planned initiatives?

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